Politics or Fashion?

Going through the photos of the Met Exhibition once more, I came across the following one. Marianne Franklin wrote a fantastic chapter on ‘What (Not) to Wear’ in the book, a critical discussion of how different countries in Europe try to legislate against wearing headscarves and niqabs in public.

© Andreas Behnke

So I am wondering: would it be illegal to wear these items of high fashion (designed by Dolce & Gabbana, no less) in these countries? How does one decide whether a particular garment is a statement of religion, or a fashion statement? And is there really a line between these?

One thought on “Politics or Fashion?

  1. Maybe it’s okay because these outfits reveal the ankles and lower calves…(sorry – being cheeky).
    It actually begs a real question: what about Christian religious orders that traditionally incorporate head coverings (nuns’ wimples, for example?) is it just scarves that are covered by the law? What about tasteful turbans or wraps (often worn by women who have lost their locks to chemotherapy)? If one but not the other, then how is the law not discriminatory?


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