Forthcoming: Heavenly Bodies


After two rather underwhelming exhibitions at the Met, this promises to be another ‘must see’ event for fashionistas. The promotional video leaves me unimpressed, though. There is more to explore than what Andrew Bolton mentions here: what do the catholic signifiers refer to? Do they make fashion ‘sacred’? Or does the ‘fashioning’ of Catholicism make religion profane, perhaps even commodifies it? But perhaps this will be addressed in the catalogue after all. The exhibition on China in the Looking Glass three years ago gives me hope that Bolton will be able to tease out the philosophical and political aspects of this exceedingly fascinating relationship. Only a few more days to go until the Grand Opening and the Gala. I wonder what all the stars will wear on the red carpet.

One thought on “Forthcoming: Heavenly Bodies

  1. It may be an incoherent narrative that underpins the exhibition – but the pieces are so divine in this video that it promises to be a transcendent visual experience nonetheless. Looking forward to discussing!


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