Welcome to my blog on the Politics of Fashion


Clothes make the man. Naked people have no or little influence in society (M. Twain)

Thanks for joining me and welcome! This blog is inspired by the book The International Politics of Fashion: Being Fab in a Dangerous World (Routledge 2017).


The book collects a number of essays, written by some of the finest scholars in International Relations, covering different aspects of the interstices between politics and sartorial codes and conduct.

This blog is meant to continue the discussion and to extend it beyond the book. And given the continued relevance of, and fascination with, the role fashion plays in politics, there is ample material for this. There is still a First Lady in the White House who attracts comments and remarks on her dress, the sartorial choices of the President of the USA himself have been evaluated (mostly critically), protest movements still rely on sartorial codes to get their points across, and the Canadian Prime Minister seems have taken cultural sensitivity just a bit too far.

So there will be plenty to blog about.

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